Another Catch-up

Plans have continued to be made and ideas thrown about… I think we are starting to get somewhere now!

My current career is not long term viable so we have had to really start turning over some stones to get an idea of what and where firmed up. The basic core idea has always remained pretty much true, but how we get from a to b has always been the question. I am working less and less due to injury though (and hence earning less and less… particularly when inflation comes into the equation), then the rug was very much pulled from under me in two directions at once - the first was that the whole premise of why I came to this career (to take over the company) has no with at happened and is looking like it isn’t going to anytime in any reasonable time frame, meaning I can’t mould it into something new and exciting to take it in the direction which interests me. The second became clear when it was decided that if and when it did happen it would be split between myself and my siblings. This was never part of the plan, and whilst I don’t resent them gaining from it all… I would kinda hope that if I was working without any safety net that I would be reaping the rewards rather than paying silent shareholders constantly!

So… what do we do?

My skill set has become increasingly specialist over the last decade and a half into an area which I am not really wanting to work in long term due to injury and an immune system that has been through the wars and is now not really coping so well with a daily exposure to pathogens. I still have some diverse talents though which we want to capitalise on - a mix of eco design/construction and living, historical knowledge and photography. Eclectic… yes… but I can make that work together to offer a unique experience including accommodation, guided tours and photography workshops.

The next question is where?

This one is considerably less clear cut. We need to relocate to cut outgoings in order to make this all work. It also lets me to move part time working in a more traditional environment which is another plus. But where…. Well, just now we don’t actually know! We have a few ideas spread over a pretty wide geographical area so I don’t really want to say anything more as yet on that front as where we eventually choose may be wildly different from anywhere we are considering right now! It will be on Planet Earth though!

This isn’t really about getting rich - it is about a change in lifestyle, a shift in work/life balance and becoming a happier, healthier family. There are so many more linked ideas, so many possibilities that we aren’t quite sure where this is all going to wind up as yet. Everything really hinges on deciding the where now!

28th June 2019.jpg

Exploring Possibility

Just back from Galloway - it was fantastic. So much potential, the light however… well… it didn’t play nicely! Photography was on the back burner as a result, but I did spot so many scenes and features worth investing some time in!

Very, very excited!

27th May 2019.jpg

The Problem with Instagram

More and more often these days I am finding whilst perusing Instagram the “same” photograph coming up again and again. The same view point, the same time of day… pretty much identikit photography. Instagram seems to be encouraging a uniform “gotta catch em all” approach to the art of photography and, to my mind, this quest for getting “that” picture is killing creativity. Once one person has a great image everyone wants as close to the same one in their collection.

Now, don’t get me wrong here, I love looking through photographs on social media - it is a great way to find new locations to explore (although the Lakes is pretty much saturated!) but when I do go out to a location I have seen I am not chasing that same image. I like to explore the possibilities and do something different - find a unique angle or take on the subject. This is something that is going to figure strongly on our courses, we want you to find your own vision whilst exploring some fantastic (often “untouched”) locations to hone both your technique and your creative eye.

What is the hold up?

We are trying to determine where the locations should be! We are into the deep research phase now… we have some ideas, but we are not yet ready. I was planning to launch properly this year but, on reflection, I think 2020 is going to be the earliest that we are going to be able to go “properly” live. It is going to be worth the wait though!

3rd May 2019.jpg

Stumbling Start

Well, the health and fitness drive fizzled out as quickly as it began and will need reignited again soon. Health has been struggling a bit this last week though due to physical illness and stressing about life, finances and the future. On the plus side we are making more plans about the latter which will hopefully sort out the first and offset the second!

Otherwise not much to tell just now.

25th April 2019.jpg

A New Approach to Health

The last few years things have got out of hand, as I have mentioned already. I gained a fair chunk of bulk after breaking my ankle (properly doing it in - surgery required and everything), then just as I recovered I tore my back and, it seems, damaged a lower trunk disc whilst I was at it. Over the course of a year and a half of recovery I gained a fair bit of weight.

Slowly… very slowly… this had been coming down, until an OAP decided that they knew the rules of the road better than the highway code and T-Boned me on a roundabout back in November. My back was knackered once more (this time on the right hand side rather than the previous left), that pesky disc was playing up again and my right arm was, for want of a more technical term, gubbed.

Since then the weight has gone up… another 10kg or so. General health has also deteriorated further, my head space has been a little compromised too. Since early January I have been trying to tackle some of this with Yoga and physiotherapy. It has helped, things are moving - although still a long way from being able to operate normally and my love of mountain biking and motorcycling are still very much on hold.

So… what else can be done? I have always tried to stick to a diet which is reasonably healthy, balanced and consists of fresh foods. This isn’t helping matters though as I suspect I am way too carb heavy, so having read a lot (and looked at many before and after pictures) it seems that this new-fangled Keto diet may just work for me. Not as a long term strategy I should add, but at least over the Spring and Summer and perhaps for 6 - 12 months depending on how it all goes. As my body starts to work a bit better I will up the exercise along with it - walking, running… eventually mountain biking too. I will do photographs, a bit of a diary and see how this all goes for me over the coming months. As tradition dictates it is going to start tomorrow. Well it is both Monday and I need a little time to get myself ready!

This is going to tie in with other plans too - getting the house sorted out is going to be running concurrently, we will be travelling about a fair bit building our future ideas as well (more on that in the coming weeks) and I really want to have everything in place, and be fighting fit, before Spring 2020 ready to face the new challenges that are coming our way!

Wish me luck, I am going to need it!

13th April 2019.jpg