Still Here!

It has been an (enforced) quiet couple of weeks for me! After the crash I had a week of really doing nothing, my back was aching constantly and I was a grumpy old bear! Last week was better so I went out to do a little work.

It didn’t last long though - 3 short days (if I am being generous) and I was back in dry dock!

Feels a bit better now so I am going to try and get a bit more done this week. It was looking like we may have had a session booked in for tomorrow, but I have heard nothing in a few days now so I suspect that has fallen through.

Still - not to worry. I have some big ideas and plans to start getting stuck into - more on which later. A slight rethink of the approach, some publicity boosting ideas and trying to work out how to get the word out that I am here and ready!

21st November 2018.jpg