2018 - The Year That Was

January 2018

This was, for me, a tough month. I am always at a bit of a low mental state as the last decades worth of tragedy hits home hard over the winter months. This last year was the worst yet, but since then I have taken positive steps to get life back under control!

These are some of my favourite photographs from this month.

February 2018

Things had started to lift, I was starting to look for solutions, but still absolutely lost.

I upgraded the main camera though this month, which gave a bit of a boost creatively at any rate!

March 2018:

Spring slowly started to arrive in the Lakes. Very slowly as we were hit by a major snow storm!

April 2018:

Just when I thought things were starting to even out, another tragedy hit the family with the sudden loss of my big brother over in the States. It was a massive blow, but I vowed to turn his passing into something positive within my own life, to re-reference my frame of mind… and to try to be “more Neil” in my own way.

Which is where Wayward Spirit evolved. This was one of his domain names which I re-purposed and decided to build something new from.

May 2018:

Another month which was both tough and joyous. We had a funeral to attend in Moab, Utah which was a celebration as well as a chance to mourn.

June 2018:

Back to normal - a month of finding our feet again, and this was when I took on Wayward Spirit and started developing the idea!

July 2018:

Summer was here, photographically my least productive time, but this year we headed to Orkney - back home - which had been planned for some time, but with the loss of my big brother it was a very cathartic coincidence.

August 2018:

The summer holidays continued, I was having a bit of a wobble with the concept of my future… but we got through.

September 2018:

The summer starts to fade and the greens turn slowly towards browns. Photographically things start to pick up again around this time of year for me!

We also had a new arrival to keep us busy, the Tour of Britain came through Ulverston and a world class art installation came to Birkrigg Common!

October 2018:

A month of readjustment - life with a new born was something that we had forgotten how to do!

I also updated my small camera system this month, moving from Olympus which has served me well for a number of years to Fujifilm. I haven’t completed this transition as yet, but over the next year I intend to complete the switch.

November 2018:

Autumn is well under way, the last of the colours were fading.

Not a bad month creatively though.

December 2018:

We made it through! I have had something of a rethink about the speed at which I will make some transitions in life, taking into account this new member of our family… but the year has ended much better than it began and I am genuinely looking forward to the adventures and challenges of the New Year!

So that is that - my very brief review of the last 12 months, with some of my favourite photographs. I am not sure why I picked 7 for each month, perhaps as my sadly departed brother always considered 7 to be his lucky number when we were little?

Anyway, here is to the year that has gone, and the anticipation of that which is to come. Stick around and see where this mad adventure takes us!