A bit of quiet reflection

Today has been hectic.  

I stopped off at Corkley Beck Bridge at the head of the Duddon to take some photographs, chill out a bit and just let the world pass me by.

It was good... sitting and thinking.  I came to a few conclusions and made some positive mental steps in that few minutes of quiet contemplation.

When we get back from our travels I am off to see a hypnotherapist to try and reprogram my subconscious in an attempt to stop it sabotaging my life and plans.   Hopefully it will be the start of a new positive approach to everything!

In the meantime I need to write an email to someone I had hoped to do a little work for - the project was pretty interesting, and I could have done it well, but it was very time sensitive and the project window coincides with the arrival of our new baby and I could see no way to reconcile their professional requirements with my family commitments. 

Hopefully there may be opportunities to do some work for them in the future though.

But for now, a photo of my contemplative spot on Corkley Beck!