It is just too damn hot....

The weather has been ridiculous the last few weeks, the temperature is up in the high 20's and there is no sign of a significant fall in the mercury any time soon!  I have had to scale back the fitness and training plans for the moment as a result, especially any activities that include Roki our 1 year old border collie!

I popped by Haweswater today to see how it was getting on with the heat and increased water use.  There is no sign of a re-emergence of Mardale Green as yet (unfortunately) but I will keep an eye on it over the coming days and weeks if this weather keeps hold!

With the plans more or less in place for the main core of the business though fitness and mountain training are now top priority so if this heat doesn't let up soon I am just going to have to grit my teeth and get (extra) sweaty!

 On the plus side, I did get another stock submission made... another string to the bow!  I probably need to do a lot more on that front going forward though.

3rd July 2018.jpg