Ramble On

Just back from a first mission to explore some ideas!   It was a great excuse to visit friends too and chance to kick back and gather ourselves before the imminent arrival of a new baby.

Part of that discussion was about providing "experiences" to potential clients, which is something that I have been knocking about in my planning anyway, and this is something that I am going to pursue.  In the initial phase it would be an easy fit with existing commitments, which makes life easier and allows us to test the waters a little before going full steam ahead.  I hope to start progressing this side of things fairly soon and soft starting this new venture as a result!

These experiences could encompass anything from night photography, bespoke day guiding, specific location mini-workshops or anything else that jumps into my head as we go along.  Later we will be offering longer courses - both single day and residential - with a range of subject matter and locations being targeted.   I am also investigating a variety of freelance work and fine art print sales... exciting times all round!  

Watch this space!

25th August 2018.jpg