Full Frame?

People sometimes wonder why I, and others, opt for big and bulky full frame cameras. I was just illustrating this to someone with the following photograph:


I could have taken this photograph on the Olympus system I also use when size and weight are more of an issue, particularly as it is a panoramic. But with that system I wouldn’t be able to get this kind of detail on a per pixel level:


So whilst full frame, pro-level cameras aren’t necessarily the be all and end all of quality photography, they do provide an extra level of detail for the final image, which when printed large adds greater interest to the overall image.

But then… sometimes a tiny camera that can be easily carried gives plenty back too!


I didn’t travel with the Nikon to Utah in the spring. The purpose of the trip was not to be joyful, but I wanted something to record something of the area and to capture and document this sad time.