The Battle of the Bulge... part one

I have been fighting the good fight for a while now with spectacular results…. spectacular in that I can see absolutely no changes in my body after 10 weeks of running and 3 weeks of yoga!

I am fitter… I am more flexible… but I am not lighter.

This is kinda disappointing, but this week we have started edging towards a cleaner diet - and that will continue. I will complete the C25K program that I have been doing at the end of next week too, and I think I will carry on with the running for the foreseeable, especially since my back and right arm are still far from right post car-crash which is ruling out mountain biking for a while.

Physio starts the end of next week, which hopefully will help, and then the CPAP trial later in the month - I am really hoping that a large part of the problem is hormonal (in that the hunger/fat storeing/satity/repair mechanisms are out of whack due to low sleep quantity and quality). I have been getting increasingly tired to the point that I am not really comfortable with the idea of driving at night for more than about 30 - 40 minutes now.

So this is update 1, we are out the starting blocks on rebuilding my physical body… but not much more than that. I will try and update at the end of February and see how another 6(ish) weeks moves things on. They do say (somewhere) that the first 10 weeks are really foundation, and that differences only really start to become apparent after that. But I guess feeling stronger, fitter and more flexible is not a bad gain to be facing.

I just want the damn lovehandles GONE!


Deeply unflattering illustration taken before today’s run… with a dodgy photoshoped indication of where I had hoped to be by now!!!!

I will get back to proper photography for a bit, updates on progress with a load of stuff coming soon… and keep on plugging away at the fitness in the background!