The Start of the Beginning

It has been a pretty busy couple of weeks here. We put a lot of work in on the house to get it ready, then photographs were taken and a week later it was up on the market. Today things really hit home as the For Sale signs went up.

So now it is the waiting game. We can’t do much until this place sells… in the meantime it is business as usual, or as “current” usual has been. 3 short days per week and keeping off the heavy stuff, once this house sells and we get off to pastures new I should have the time and space to actually recover properly.

How are the plans progressing then? Well we have narrowed it down to 3 areas of interest and will spend a bit of time whilst we are waiting on movement here to assess them all and hopefully come to some kind of conclusion as to which way to go.

Overall… no real news then, but quite a lot of progress!