Thoughts of the Future.

There was more bad news this weekend, another person passed away, not someone I knew well… but it was a reminder that life can be all too short and is really there for the living to live. This was compounded when some friends in the area made the decision to move away. It feels like life is moving on around us, and perhaps it is time for us to really set about building our own lives.

We are currently in the “lucky” position of having a nice house in the Lake District, due to inheritance as well as work, but life seems to have been more about earning money than actually living our lives and I think we have got the balance wrong. Really quite wrong. Neither of us feel that our lives are where they should be, so why not shake things up!

Where does this leave us, and this venture. Pushing us on is the answer! We are lining things up ready to see where they take us, looking at the how and where and trying to figure out the logistics of everything to shake things up and do something far more interesting.

12th March 2019.jpg

So there is a load going on at the moment and we are just trying to work out the details!