The Problem with Instagram

More and more often these days I am finding whilst perusing Instagram the “same” photograph coming up again and again. The same view point, the same time of day… pretty much identikit photography. Instagram seems to be encouraging a uniform “gotta catch em all” approach to the art of photography and, to my mind, this quest for getting “that” picture is killing creativity. Once one person has a great image everyone wants as close to the same one in their collection.

Now, don’t get me wrong here, I love looking through photographs on social media - it is a great way to find new locations to explore (although the Lakes is pretty much saturated!) but when I do go out to a location I have seen I am not chasing that same image. I like to explore the possibilities and do something different - find a unique angle or take on the subject. This is something that is going to figure strongly on our courses, we want you to find your own vision whilst exploring some fantastic (often “untouched”) locations to hone both your technique and your creative eye.

What is the hold up?

We are trying to determine where the locations should be! We are into the deep research phase now… we have some ideas, but we are not yet ready. I was planning to launch properly this year but, on reflection, I think 2020 is going to be the earliest that we are going to be able to go “properly” live. It is going to be worth the wait though!

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