More Plotting

Things have been getting a bit more interesting the last couple of weeks. Our ideas are starting to condense into something more meaningful regarding location and wheels have been put in motion. We are starting to get very excited… and very nervous. We are talking about adding on loads of “extras” to our basic idea which would make the whole experience that we are going to offer a wee bit more unique and special - but EVERYTHING depends on where we go and what we have to play with once we get there so, for the moment, they remain just ideas.

Tomorrow I am having a meeting though with a man who knows all about the kind of things we are looking at. We have also been pulling in inspiration from places we have been and loved ourselves… as well as taking heed of the warnings from places we have been that have been less than good. However this all falls though it is going to be a massive lifestyle change to something hopefully more sustainable both for myself and for our planet (yes, I am just an old hippy!).

So the first big moment in our plans is going to take place in a couple of weeks time (ish) when we start really getting to grips with setting everything in motion. The “where” question obviously remains but that is entirely dependent on a few factors:

1) Where we can find somewhere suitable as a base that is within budget and meets our (pretty fluid) criteria.

2) Where we love to be

3) Somewhat closer to those we love.

The reasons to stay in South Cumbria have slowly eroded away to the point that there is absolutely no reason left to stay, the scales have firmly fallen to the “move on” side and those who need to know have been told the outline of the plan. I love new adventures, I love exploring new places… and I can’t wait to get stuck into all this!

One final point - I have always had this philosophy of “never go back” - this relates to many things in life, but I think is particularly poignant in situations such as the one we find ourselves in now. When I left Doune, a small village just outside Stirling, I was leaving somewhere I had never really gelled with. For some reason I decided that Ulverston in the South Lakes was the place to head - I had lived their briefly in the late 70’s/early 80’s and had fond memories of the town. It could never live up to those memories though and I slowly became disillusioned with the place - and it is somewhere that by rights I should have loved with a quirky feel about the place and some genuinely wonderful and talented people.

I just never fitted in, never became part of the fabric of the place… and then gradually large parts of my life fell to bits. It has been a painful few years - with some exceptionally good moments cutting into the overall drama, disappointment and regret. It is a place where all the bad things in life have occurred and a place which, through memories of a bygone time, is filled with the ghosts of those whom I have lost.

So… how does this inform the future? Well it rules out a few places perhaps - if I am to never go back. Mainly cities and their satellites to be honest as there are still locations close by places I have lived which I would give consideration to, one area in particular does appeal for a return. But perhaps it is time to put my philosophy at the heart of our decision and make a complete fresh start - do something new, explore new possibilities and see where the winds of life cast us.

Hopefully we will have more news and some actual progress reports coming soon! I have so many ideas, as does Jen, that we can’t wait to get started on everything!

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