It Creeps Forward

Hello again!

Well plans are continuing to develop and grow. We are exploring the site options now as well as discussing funding to get things off the ground - which includes selling our home and relocating. Time frames are now firming up too so things are getting real!

So… where are we at?

We are looking at an initial phase of offering glamping accommodation with the intention of providing a range of options from an off-grid yurt for the back to basics romantics out there right up to solid structures featuring insulation, heating, kitchenettes and ensuites with showers! Depending on our site we will also look to install a permanent gallery and workshop space which can be used for both our own scheduled sessions but also be let out to others (along with accommodation) to open up the experiences to as wide an audience as possible.

What makes us thing that we can do this?

We have been glamping a number of times and experienced both the best… and worst… of what that can mean. We can borrow some ideas from those places that we have been which work, whilst avoiding the pitfalls that we saw where things were less good. We have many of our own ideas, our own styles and personalities to feed into this - and we hope to incorporate both of our artistic visions as well as my background in environmental architecture to make something which is both unique and green.

There are other services that we are planning to offer - the photography workshops will develop further (and in a number of new ways) with single days, weekends and longer experiences all featuring. There may even be some shorter half day/evening/night courses to come along too. Tours are possible to add on as time moves on too where I will be able to offer my insights as a former archaeologist to the monuments and landscapes that we visit. I also intend to grow my commercial photography portfolio offering services to businesses and individuals covering the wide range of specialisms which I already provide and also developing further into some exciting new fields.

Time scales to full launch are still fluid, but we are hoping for a Spring or Summer 2020 launch as things stand at present. We have eyes on a couple of exciting sites (one in particular which if we can move on it soon we will!), but if those don’t come to fruition then there are others available which tick many of the boxes - if perhaps not all. The location is important though as this will have the potential to narrow or expand our client demographic from an accommodation perspective.

The next week is going to be a period of really getting to grips with the business concept further with the aim of locking in funding for our current favoured location, then week or so beyond that trying to get our home ready to market.

13th August 2019.jpg