This Tuesday everything is, hopefully, going to kick up a gear. We have an estate agent coming over to have a look at the place, tell us what he can do - and what we need to do to help him along the way - and give us some idea of what we are talking about budget wise.

The house is, as ever, an absolute bomb site! 3 children, 1 baby, 2 cats and a dog… it is pretty much par for the course at the moment. After tomorrow I think we are going to be on a big push to de-clutter, sort the garden out, do some plumbing work, plastering and painting. I want to get it all ready as soon as possible and on the market so that we can start seriously considering our options.

We had focused down to one area in particular, and whilst that is still probably the main contender a couple of options have sprung up in one of our earlier priority areas which have somewhat opened the field up once more. The original locations are still really, really appealing in my mind whilst the latter location is more in keeping with the head over heart scenario. It would give us access to a great sector of the population as a primary market which, in turn, would allow much more latitude to experiment with other ideas and offerings. The other areas that are still in contention are more the reverse - they are about following our hearts above anything else, throwing caution to the wind and hoping that there is enough demand for the services that we are going to offer to make the venture a success.

Tomorrow the waters will clear a little and we will have some idea of what we are realistically looking at. It then depends on how we are going to finance the venture through and how much we are going to need… then it is a case of wait for an offer whilst keeping an eye on the market across the places that interest us. This next phase could last a few weeks or, more likely, several months - but we don’t need to rush at present.

I am that mix of excited and terrified. This idea we have been throwing around for a good few years is suddenly moving from pipe dream to possibility to reality, the shift from dream to possibility has taken a few years… the next stage may be completed in a few weeks (although I actually hope it takes somewhat longer than that - my ideal would be Easter 2020!)

Watch this space though… once we have come to a decision we can start fleshing out the plans (they are very much location dependent which is why I haven’t gone into anything much as yet) and start building up to a proper launch of the Wayward Spirit venture!

I hope my Mum and big brother are watching over us over the coming weeks and months. We could use all the help we can get now, but I think they would both have been hugely enthusiastic and supportive of what it is that we are trying to do… and I think Neil would have been pleased with how his business name was taken up and used - albeit in a very different way to he had envisaged for himself.

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