Since the last update we have been working hard. The house was gutted, a certain amount of renovation happened and a start was made on the garden. Today a very nice gentleman turned up from one of the region’s estate agencies and took photographs, took measurements and took notes.

Hopefully we should be on the market in the next week or so!

Does this mean we are further forward with where we are going to and where this venture will set up?

No. Not really!

We had a plan, we found a wonderful site - but things moved on that one too quickly for us. We thought we found a way to move on it ourselves but that fizzled out too so it is back to the drawing board - which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it is allowing us to cast the net wider once more and consider some other locations.

For the moment though we are back to the waiting game. I have some plastering and painting to finish and some more work to do on the garden. A little finishing off around the place too… and hopefully all done in the next week(ish)

17th September 2019.jpg