Back to the coal face

It has been a busy fortnight! The first half was spent fitting bathrooms to our house ready to market, along with a little plastering (first coat), then away for a week in Cornwall for a little R&R although it mostly turned into sleep deprivation and hypothermia - but that is by the by. Home again now and once I have got over the last week it is back to the plastering, painting, decluttering and hacking back the garden.

There has been some further productivity though. I did a rough and brief business plan whilst we were away but it wasn’t enough for our backers… so I have redrafted it using the Government’s Business Gateway template into a much, much more indepth document over the past couple of days and sent that for a look. It could use a little more meat on the bones in terms of costings but we need a definite location before we can really get those figures. I put some “best guesses” in to a few areas for the time being, but we shall see what feedback comes our way.

Time scales… who knows! We need a buyer for our home here or we need the backers to secure the site in advance (which would be really helpful). In the meantime I have put some feelers out to some planning officers to see how our proposals would sit with different regimes.

So things are marching ever onwards!

3rd September 2019.jpg