The Quest for Fitness

A big part of the plan for this venture is to take people out into the mountain regions of the UK to photograph the scenes that are missed by many.   In so much of our country it feels as though you are placing your tripod in the marks left by many others.  I want to help people break this mould, to find places seldom photographed and get unique images to add to their collections.  I want to teach people to photograph in the mountains and gain new skills and appreciation of our dramatic uplands.

But to do this I need to get fit again.  

Things went wrong a number of year ago.  I moved south to the Lake District and lost my network of friends whom I used to mountain bike with.  I found it difficult to break into a new group and never really settled in to life down here.  Along the way there were family tragedies, injury, illness and, more happily, the commitments of a new family.   My fitness has suffered badly as a result - particularly over the last 3 years following a broken ankle in September 2015 which required surgery to repair and still remains weaker than it once was.  Just as it healed I tore my lower back... more time out of action.  Looking at photographs from before the accident and a recent picture from Utah really hit it home, so now we start the long process of rehabilitation and regaining my health and fitness.

Just as well I have a good window before I need this new venture to take off!  The next 12 to 18 months I will attempt to dedicate most of my efforts to fitness training and preparation for a professional qualification that I intend to gain to facilitate my plans.

I kicked things off 10 days ago with a climb up Pike of Blisco, which was a nice starter.  Hopefully I will get a few more in before the latest addition to our family comes along, and I need to get back on the mountain bike regularly too.  For starters, though, probably just boosting my daily steps would be a start....

So this is a statement of intent.  I need to get back to where I was before it all went wrong, and in half the time it took me to deteriorate to this stage!

Its time to get "hill fit" again!