Bad Weather?

Bad weather means no photography… true?

Well, no… not really. It means a different approach possibly, and a willingness to experiment! This means that rain doesn’t stop play on any of our workshops. Here are a few from the last couple of days!

No sunset… no problem!

No sunset… no problem!

Sunrise after the rain!

Sunrise after the rain!

Rain sweeps over Coniston Water

Rain sweeps over Coniston Water

It rains a lot in the Lake District, so this is just a reality that we need to live with and deal with! That said, I think some of the best photographs come from the most challenging conditions… and lets face it… blue skies are a bit boring really!

Check out the workshops section, come along and get creative!


Today I have put some dates down for our first three "One Day Workshops" to be based here in the South Lakes, Cumbria!

Exciting times!

They are available to book through Airbnb Experiences via this link:

This is just the start however!  

I need to run through the day in the next few weeks, major life events allowing of course, just to check my timings - but I have a rough itinerary based around the Duddon Valley, Wrynose and Coniston in mind with a start and finish point at Ulverston Station.

I am also offering private sessions, just get in touch to discuss your requirements and  times/dates.  

There is more to come, so much more, but we are going for a soft start to see how things go before getting into the more ambitious multi-day experiences in 2019/20!

6th September 2018.jpg

Getting Close Now!

Things have moved forward a good bit over the last couple of days - I have set up the basics to launch Wayward Spirit, there is a little more planning to do over the next couple of weeks and some dates to set for our first workshops!

We are starting with single-day courses for the moment, on a very small scale, and will see how things go from there.  It is a semi-soft launch in effect!


St John's in the Vale in late summer

St John's in the Vale in late summer

Ramble On

Just back from a first mission to explore some ideas!   It was a great excuse to visit friends too and chance to kick back and gather ourselves before the imminent arrival of a new baby.

Part of that discussion was about providing "experiences" to potential clients, which is something that I have been knocking about in my planning anyway, and this is something that I am going to pursue.  In the initial phase it would be an easy fit with existing commitments, which makes life easier and allows us to test the waters a little before going full steam ahead.  I hope to start progressing this side of things fairly soon and soft starting this new venture as a result!

These experiences could encompass anything from night photography, bespoke day guiding, specific location mini-workshops or anything else that jumps into my head as we go along.  Later we will be offering longer courses - both single day and residential - with a range of subject matter and locations being targeted.   I am also investigating a variety of freelance work and fine art print sales... exciting times all round!  

Watch this space!

25th August 2018.jpg