Every Journey

Every journey has to start somewhere.

Today has been a day of starting.  I was out early for a session with a hypnotherapist to try and overcome some of the internal conflict that blocks my progress through life... to find my chill as it were.  The demons in my head have been taking over somewhat over the last few years, and I need to put them back in their place so that I can get on with this project and life in general.

It was good.  I feel just that bit more positive, and a lot more relaxed tonight!

The motivation from just that first session has seen me get on with some more in-depth market research, some more planning and idea development.   I also made a start on an article for submission to a magazine, although that is going to take some time to come to fruition as I am not ready to write more than the introduction as yet.  So all in all a pretty positive day.

I also did some paperwork for the current job that has been sitting over me for a while!  

There are new journeys starting everywhere in life around now.  I feel like the road stretches out before me and that life is, hopefully, starting to move forward again.

I have so many ideas for Wayward Spirit that I can't wait to start launching... I just have to be a little more patient though so that they are fully formed before being set loose!  


13th August 2018.jpg